For self-operation and interlinking of machine-tools we offer following work piece stores

  • Plate Stores
  • Internal Stores
  • Sliding-Cassette-Stores
  • Automatic Conveyor-Belt-Store
WPS - Visualisation

Plate Stores

for all machines with pendulum-treatment

Essential characteristics are:

  • extremely affordable
  • no control necessary
  • no chip covering necessary
  • the table storage can be positioned over clamping units
  • storage can be installed 2–5 minutes

Internal Store

The positioning is adapted on different machine tool.

Essential characteristics are:

  • especially for Gantry machine tool
  • steered through M-command
  • it is one package with machine tool
  • no impairment of the workroom
  • chip covering is necessary
  • no additional required space outside of machine tool

Sliding Cassette Store

for mounting at nearly each machine on right, left or front side

Essential characteristics are:

  • free positioning beside machine tool
  • suitable for all kinds of machine tool
  • store-access during the treatment
  • steered by 3 to 6 M-commands
  • variably in number and size of cassettes
  • automatic door opening is necessary

Automatic Conveyor Belt Store

for very big numbers of pieces and for machine-interlink

Essential characteristics are:

  • high storage capacity
  • steered by machine control
  • for interlink of several machine tools
  • no chip covering necessary - good accessibility